Signal Pine’s debut album is now streaming!

Our new album, Most of Every Day, is now streaming everywhere you can listen to music.

The album contains four songs from our first two singles, Origami and Tomatoes, as well as four more fresh new tunes for you to check out. All eight tracks were recorded over the course of a couple of weeks in the midst of the pandemic, and we’re thrilled to now have the opportunity to start playing them live around the New England area.

Most of Every Day represents a fairly diverse range of styles, beginning with the energy of driven acoustic rock present in the songs, “Origami” and “Changing,” followed up by the more balladic “Come Around” and “Tomatoes”, while reaching its most contemplative point with “Fever Tree” and “Fade Out.”

We had a ton of fun working on these songs together, and we hope it comes through while you’re listening. Check them out over on our Music page!